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Product Code: UL-3439
Availability: 25
Weight: 0.05kg
Dimensions: 5.90cm x 5.50cm x 1.40cm

Price: $72.00


Our most powerful pendant in the world!

Warrior pendant with Energy boost, 4 Himalayan Quartz crystals (very high vibration) and super powerful garnets.


Ideal for coping well with difficult situations and staying well balanced while harmonizing your energies throughout your body:


Perfect to protect you wherever you go, the Warrior Pendant is always there for Corsican situations in negative energies….It is the most popular of our small pieces. Energy is often low in public places and if you are extra-sensitive (whether you realize it or not) this can result in anxiety or irritability, but rest assured you can now stay grounded, and even keep energy vampires at a distance! It is made for places where negative energies can invade you.

Our Orgo-Life Warrior pendant absorbs any imbalanced negative energy that may be in, or enter your space and transform it into balanced positive energy, returning it to the environment. Also helps other living beings to grow in good energy balance.



The Orgo-Life Warrior Pendant protects from your transmitting devices like cell phone, Wi-Fi routers, computer, network towers, other electrical devices, etc.


-More than 7 different stones inside for extraordinary benefits; -Semi-precious stones; Tiger Eyes, Amethyst, Garnet, Jet stones, Himalayan Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Neodymium magnets, with 2 copper coils (top and base), Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Copper Brass and Aluminum Metal, Golden leaf


WEIGHT: 45-55 grams approximately (1.58 ounces)

DIMENSIONS: 55mm top x 59mm Base x 12mm H. approx. / 2.16 x 2.32 x 0.49 inches approx.

MODEL: UL-3439

ADJUSTABLE COLLAR: Length 60-68 cm

TECHNOLOGY: Passive with 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer technology

PACKAGING: a cardboard jewelry box, 9 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm, / 3.54 x 2.75 x 1 inches approximately, 70 grams approximately. (0.15 lbs)

QTY in the package: 1 Geo-Quantum Pendant (4 Himalayan Crystals), 1 instruction booklet, certificates of guarantee and conformity. With serial number.

COLOUR: CLEAR transparent polyester resin

WARRANTY: 25 years

#BARCODE: 600291593733

Come with instructions in FR/EN and warranty certificate



 UL-3439 Protective WARRIOR pendant & necklace, with 4 Himalayan Crystals from Orgo-Life®, Ultimate Protection within 8-9 feet of toxic waves and bad intentions. Energy and Harmonization.

Ultimate protection within 8-9 feet of toxic waves and bad intentions.
Energy and Harmonization.
The most powerful Pendant Necklace in the world in its category.
With its Unique Technology: Orgo-Life Quantum Push Technology
Congratulations! You have purchased your first Orgo-Life® pendant! With your brilliant move, you are about to experience brand new technology from the Quantum Physics Department of Universal Life Force Energy, in direct harmony with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Here are the instructions for wearing your pendant and getting the best possible results!

We recommend wearing your Orgo-Life® pendant continuously over an extended period of at least 40 days. Note that some people (a minority) may feel a period of resistance. It is possible that you will have to go through a 10-day adaptation period where your physical or psychological symptoms will be amplified, or that you will experience too much energy, if this is the case, continue using your pendant. When the period of resistance is over you will benefit greatly. It is quite normal since your pendant brings you back to an ideal frequency that some part of yourself may be in resistance... don't worry, you will get the expected results.

The Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant with 4 Himalayan Crystals + was designed to make a whole new place in your life for energy, dynamism as well as motivation and the will to action. This powerful tool brings vigor into your life, it will protect you from negative intentions and toxic vibes within 8-9 feet of you. It brings you back to basics and allows you to find your own motivation, which makes it an indispensable instrument for all beings who have a lot to accomplish, a big project, for those who are on a diet, for athletes, for those who often lack of energy.

The Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant with 4 Himalayan crystals + contains all the same elements and properties as the basic Orgo-Life® Medallion (Amethysts, Quartz and much more…) in addition to being added by particular components which protects you in very negative situations, that's why it's called the WARRIOR necklace (Warrior), plus it invigorates the body and mind.

Ideal for increasing self-motivation and setting realistic goals.

Ideal for developing correct visualization and intuitive perception, it stimulates the pineal gland.

It helps to develop a positive state of being, and brings the courage necessary to achieve our life goals.

The Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant is used to increase your vital energy, oxygenate your cells, which has the effect of increasing your mental abilities, improving your circulation, your concentration and your efficiency in your occupations. It is a unique and competent tool to obtain and maintain an overflowing energy by toning your body, without stressing it or weakening it. Therefore, this Orgo-Life® pendant has the property to restore and support the ideal frequency of your general state, for a healthy mind in a healthy body!

This pendant also allows a more efficient energy circulation of the meridians of your body. This makes it an ideal tool for people who are energetically and physically weakened. In addition, individuals who wear the Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant will also see their immunity increased, thus regaining their full life potential.

Ideal for electrosensitive people, this tool has been tested to offer you protection against radio frequencies, microwaves, harmful electromagnetic fields, cellular antennas, computers, television, neon lights, compact fluorescent bulbs, negative orgone... as well as all possible interference in your personal electromagnetic field.


In order to obtain the optimal properties of the Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant, we recommend wearing it every day, continuously, for at least 40 days. This can be worn 24 hours a day or just day. You can also use it under your pillow, to sleep at night. Some people will see its effect after only a few days while others will see it much later, but you will definitely get all the results you expect after 40 days.


How the Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant works

We use a special resin to attract all the electrons (+ and -) as well as the positive ions (the bad ions) which will be transmuted into negative ions (the good ions) inside the Orgo-Life® Pendant. WARRIOR. What we want is for all the negative electromagnetic fields and all the positive ions (stressful frequency for the body) that surrounds you, to penetrate the pendant instead of entering your personal field as well as your body. Less stress, less weakening, your body will be stronger and develop more bio-available energy. And your DNA chain will be less affected.

Once near the pendant, the positive ions (the bad ones) are drawn inside the double copper spiral in order to circulate through a circuit of precious and semi-precious stones selected and your amplifier of Himalayan Crystals, from there, this energy nefarious is transformed into a whole new frequency, amplified by carefully chosen and measured crystals. Once amplified, this frequency of 15 Hz - 5000 Hz emerges and emanates from your pendant allowing us to gradually become this same vibrational frequency, the frequency of the Earth. When the body begins to get out of balance and feel sick, it vibrates at less than 100 Hz, imagine what it would be like to vibrate at an ideal rate of 5000 Hz. Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant users have noticed positive effects such as: much more energy to carry out your daily activities, more endurance in the face of sustained efforts, better immune defense, etc.

What does the Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant contain?

Your pendant includes these items: 4 X High Quality Double Terminated Himalayan Quartz, 0.999 Silver, Copper, 6 Selected Semi-Precious Stones like Jet Stone, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, the peridot… Your pendant is also made up of several metals and copper SBB coils. The entire matrix of Orgo-Life® is embedded with new scalar technology, inspired by the research of Tesla and Reich and a special recipe from our Quantum Physics department at Universal Life Force Energy.

The effects observed for wearing this pendant:

Vitality and energy: Increases vital energy, decreases chronic fatigue. Increases endurance and physical performance.

Immune and Endocrine System: Increases the functions of the immune and endocrine system. By eliminating all the stress that can be experienced in modern life (work stress, exhausting electromagnetic fields, disturbing family life, etc.), Orgo-Life® strengthens the body's natural protective field, thus fortifying your immunity. Helps balance the presence of microorganisms such as viruses, parasites and bacteria - Increases overall vitality.

Brain: Strengthens perseverance, motivation, will. (for those on a diet, for athletes, for general performance or simply for general well-being.)

Muscular system: Allows better physical endurance in the face of physical and/or mental effort

Circulation: Improves circulation, helps cell oxygenation.

Cells and DNA: Increases cellular nutrition, increases cellular detoxification, helps the body reverse self-destructing cells, helps protect DNA from the harms of environmental and nutritional pollution, helps delay the aging process.

Choice of pattern if you are willing to wait 7-14 days. :

 CHOIX Couleur Cordon Medaillons


CHOIX Des Logo Colliers SUPER ET Warrior 18 06 2022

WEIGHT: 45-55 grams approximately (1.58 ounces)

DIMENSIONS: 55mm top x 59mm Base x 12mm H. approx. / 2.16 x 2.32 x 0.49 inches approx.

MODEL: UL-3439

ADJUSTABLE COLLAR: Length 60-68 cm

TECHNOLOGY: Passive with 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer technology

PACKAGING: a cardboard jewelry box or velvet bag, 9 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm, / 3.54 x 2.75 x 1 inch approximately, 70 grams approximately. (0.15 lbs)


QTY in the package: 1 Warrior Medallion (4 Himalayan Crystals), 1 instruction booklet, certificates of guarantee and conformity. With serial number.

COLOUR: CLEAR transparent polyester resin

WARRANTY: 25 years

#BARCODE: 600291593733

Come with instructions in FR/EN and warranty certificate


When adopting an Orgo-Life® you are buying first and foremost an artisan product. When you purchase any of our product units, there are all made according to a standard production recipe,  (weight, parts, and assembly are all the same) but the little artistic differences,  copper logos and size of the way the stones are naturally made, your unit will be 95% close to the picture you now see.

First are foremost it will be unique in the world with its own unique serial number and the model. So remember your purchase shall be 95% close to the picture you see, all our unit are randomly chosen for each new customer, it is the chosen one especially for you. They are very small defects; tiny whole, minor little cuts etc.. When looking at you unit very closely, this is why they are handmade after all.  But looking at it from at 1-3 feet distance they become perfect sacred ceremony objects as well. This is very normal for any Orgo-Life® product.

We sent you the tracking number immediately (24-48 hours) after a purchase, but we deliver to post offices within 7-10 days only, because it is handmade some products must be in production (depending on the selected model). Thanks for understanding.

Note that; that your Orgo-Life® device is handmade, they all have small mini defects, very small holes, etc... when looked at very closely 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) , but at a good distance of 1.5 feet and more, they look perfect. Due to the manual work and the polyester resin product with the Orgo-Life, it is normal to look like this. Orgo-Life is a unique technology that can only be made by hand. It is above all an artisanal product.

Our devices do not claim to cure any disease or illness. Disclaimer: In the event of a serious medical condition, please seek the help and advice of a qualified medical professional. The potential health benefits have not been evaluated by national medical licensing bodies.

Isabelle Miller on 01-08-2022 02:16 AM
I am from Colorado USA, I used this immediately out of the box, the feeling so comfortable, I feel very protected! Thank You
Marie-Josée Meilleur, on 20-07-2022 02:24 AM
Je suis de la ville de Québec.
Je ne peut plus me passer de mon médaillon pendentif warrior, Quel merveille la première fois que je l'ai mis j ai dormi pendant 1 heure, une merveilleuse sensation , rassurante et de protection, mon coeur palpite encore en ce moment WOOW! Merci!
Karla M. on 04-08-2022 02:16 AM
Hi I am from Lowell, in Massachusetts, USA, my name is Karla. I bought a wonderful Warrior Pendent Orgo-Life in May 2022.
I have no expectation other than having something minimal to protect myself from the effects of WIFI and EMF at work.
I use to have big migraine, fatigue and a bit depressed since 5 years. Ever since I am using my lovely and personalized Warrior, I saw a big change in my energy, progressively within 3 weeks. I notice my sleep is much better which brings me less fatigue. Each time I have migraine, I put it directly on my head, in less than 5 minutes, I feel better, less pression in my head and I can continue my work till the end of the day.

This my first test with a Warrior. I am expecting to buy a Super Chef and a manifestation pyramid in few weeks.
Thank so much for your noble work.

Karla M.
Narith S. on 11-08-2022 02:49 AM
Bonjour je suis Narith S., je suis de Laval, Québec. avec mon mari et ma belle-sœur et beau-frère pour visiter ma nièce Aruna que je n’ai pas vu depuis 7 ans. Mon but c’est d’aller acheter en même temps des mini moxa de la Magickey Teknik pour m’auto soigner a la façon orientale.
Sur place, j’étais éblouie de voir tout un showroom de tablettes, pyramides, médaillons Orgo-Life. Tous des choses que je ne connaissais pas et c’est complètement nouveau pour moi et mon mari.

Aruna nous a expliqué les multiples utilisations de ces outils et nous a fait goûter du chocolat noir 85% et de l’eau qui a été chargé sur une des tablettes Orgo-Life. A notre grande surprise, le goût du chocolat et de l’eau sont complètement transformés. Nous avons achete des medaillons Warrior et super Warrior pour nous. Puis j’ai acheté une petite pyramide a 81º pour la manifestation. Pour rendre l’histoire courte, j’avais écrit une demande. Dans la lettre, j’ai demandé à l’univers de m’aider à déménager mon fils pour venir vivre proche de moi. J’ai glissé la lettre sous la pyramide Orgo-Life. Trois jours plus tard, mon fils m’appelait pour m’annoncer qu’il était en train de préparer les paperasses pour venir vivre proche de moi. Je suis très contente pour ces belles choses qui arrivent rapidement à ma demande.
Je reviendrai acheter 2 autres kits à l’automne 2022.

Merci à Aruna et Arunda pour ces belles inventions pour le bien-être des gens.
Narith S. on 11-08-2022 04:49 AM
Hello I am Narith S., I am from Laval, Quebec. with my husband and my sister and brother in law to visit my niece Aruna whom I have not seen for 7 years. My goal is to go and buy mini moxas from the Magickey Teknik at the same time to heal myself in the oriental way.
On site, I was dazzled to see a whole showroom of tablets, pyramids, Orgo-Life medallions. All things that I did not know and it is completely new for me and my husband.

Aruna explained to us the multiple uses of these tools and gave us a taste of 85% dark chocolate and water that was loaded onto one of the Orgo-Life tablets. To our surprise, the taste of chocolate and water are completely transformed. We bought Warrior and Super Warrior medallions for us. Then I bought a small 81º pyramid for the demonstration. To make the story short, I had written a request. In the letter, I asked the universe to help me move my son to live near me. I slipped the letter under the Orgo-Life pyramid. Three days later, my son called me to tell me that he was preparing the paperwork to come live near me. I am very happy for these beautiful things which arrive quickly at my request.
I will be back to buy 2 more kits in the fall of 2022.

Thanks to Aruna and Arunda for these beautiful inventions for the well-being of people.
Karla M. on 11-08-2022 04:51 AM
Bonjour, je viens de Lowell, dans le Massachusetts, aux États-Unis, je m'appelle Karla. J'ai acheté un magnifique pendentif Warrior Orgo-Life en mai 2022.
Je n'ai aucune attente autre que d'avoir quelque chose de minimal pour me protéger des effets du WIFI et des champs électromagnétiques au travail.
J'ai l'habitude d'avoir de grosses migraines, de la fatigue et un peu déprimé depuis 5 ans. Depuis que j'utilise mon adorable Warrior personnalisé, j'ai vu un grand changement dans mon énergie, progressivement en 3 semaines. Je constate que mon sommeil est bien meilleur ce qui m'apporte moins de fatigue. A chaque fois que j'ai la migraine, je la mets directement sur la tête, en moins de 5 minutes, je me sens mieux, moins de pression dans la tête et je peux continuer mon travail jusqu'à la fin de la journée.

C'est mon premier test avec un Warrior. Je compte acheter un Super Chef et une pyramide de manifestation dans quelques semaines.
Merci beaucoup pour votre noble travail.

Karla M.
Marie-Josée Meilleur, on 11-08-2022 04:52 AM
I'm from Quebec City.
I can't do without my warrior pendant medallion, How wonderful the first time I put it on I slept for 1 hour, a wonderful feeling, reassuring and protective, my heart is still beating right now WOOW! Thanks!
Isabelle Miller on 11-08-2022 04:53 AM
Je viens du Colorado aux États-Unis, je l'ai utilisé immédiatement, le sentiment est si confortable, je me sens très protégé ! Merci
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