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Carry everyday your protection on yourself

MASTER Pendants Medallions Warrior Orgo life.com

Orgo-Life® medallions, the most powerful in the world thanks to Orgo-Life Quantum Push Technology®;

For the protection of bad negative energies

-For the harmonization of all your chakras;

  • Yoga
  • For Meditations
  • Relaxation
  • During Spirit  channelling

-For all your discomforts such as;

  • The discomforts of inflammation
  • The discomforts of rheumatism
  • The Discomforts of Stress
  • The discomforts of your intestines
  • The emotional discomforts
  • The discomforts of depression

-To attract the soul mate and your communications;

  • To be balanced
  • To have better communication
  • To attract the perfect partner for us


-To attract abundance, structure and organization;

  • To no longer be in poverty
  • Attract a job that you love and that you perform financially
  • For people starting a business
  • To have a super Focus


-For better overall health and to be energized;

  • To have more energy
  • To regain its youthful shape
  • To be in a good mood
  • To have a better management of the present moment


Coming in english subtitles soon!

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UL-3439 (with 4 Himalayan crystals, available end of April 2022) “WARRIOR” necklace,

Our most powerful pendant in the world!

Warrior pendant with Energy boost, 4 Himalayan Quartz crystals (very high vibration) and super powerful garnets.


Ideal for coping well with difficult situations and staying well balanced while harmonizing your energies throughout your body:


UL-3440 (with 8 Himalayan crystals & Quantum Push Technology) LIMITED EDITION

Necklace "SUPER WARRIOR", LIMITED EDITION of the Warrior of Light, Our necklace against negative energies.

A ready to wear that will transform all your colleagues and protect you. With Orgo-Life Quantum Push Technology®, extremely powerful as a protective medallion. 8 Himalayan crystals, charoite stone and red ruby stone.


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