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All the answers on our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants (F.A.Q.)

All the answers on our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants (F.A.Q.)

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You are in our Questions and Answers section on all our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants:  UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS



General questions about Orgo-Life® Medallions and Pendants



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Can I place my Quantum Orgo-Life® Pendant On Another Chain Or Necklace?


There is absolutely no issue at all with taking the cord off your Orgo-Life  Pendant. You can then change it to any gold, silver or platinum chain or necklace of your choice.   The energies might also be better especially when using gold.  

Whatever type of necklace, cotton rope or any other material,  you place your Orgo-Life Pendant on, it will automatically become infused with the radius of energy coming out of your Orgo-Life pendant.

The life energy that your pendant transmute all around you will change the new rope or necklace (energy wise, vibration wise)  (negative ions) and the Schumann Resonance frequencies (from the quantum Push Technology or assembling’s of the crystals)  that your Orgo-Life Pendant has been infused with.

Pendants will last a life time because the Himalayan Crystals are inside Polyester resin. So energy will always come out of your pendant, there is no recharge necessary in any case,  as it self-charged pendant from Orgo-Life.

Your Orgo-Life pendant is so strong that you can change the taste and energy of a glass of water that has stand on your medallions for at less 20 seconds, and you will taste the difference and see the magic for yourself.


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All of our Quantum Orgo-Life Energy Pendants provide you with exactly the same protection from EMF, but we also have different series as for:  healing certain ailments, working on your chakras, grounding pendants, protection from negative energies…

What are the major differences?


The difference between our Quantum Push Orgo-Life PRO Pendants and the Family series Pendant is the materials they are made from, which is described in detail in all of our Orgo-Life Pendant product descriptions.  

Plus the Quantum push series have a strong magnetic field, not suitable to everyone, and also an 8 crystal configuration is often used, so it is a very strong pendant.  Many customers have taken 20-30 days to get comfortable and adapted to it.  Because of the strong energies coming out of the pendant.

As if in the family series, most everyone gets adapted to the energies a lot faster, often it is a 4 Himalayan Crystal configuration used, but doesn t have the strong magnetic field of the Quantum push.  Easier and a lot quicker to get comfortable with it.

Or standard Family Series of  Quantum Orgo-Life Pendants are made from biocompatible resin which is an amazing substance for holding the Orgo-Life Energy and the Schumann Waves frequencies and are designed to be worn 24/7.   Very easier to g3et comfortable with any pendant of the family series.   Still a very strong energy, but can be worn all day long.

More recently, our research showed us that Glass and Sea Shell has the same abilities to hold the Orgo-Life Energy and the Schumann Waves frequencies well too.  

So in conclusion it is always better to start your buying with family series first, then move out to stronger pendant with Orgo-Life Quantum Push Technology.



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