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Our frequently asked question: 

On Orgo-Life product?

What is the difference between an Orgonite and an Orgo-Life?

How to use the active features with the ACTIVE AND PASSIVE Series?

Is Orgo-Life technolgy dangerous?

Can I use my Quantum Zapper  for a very longtime?

Where can I purchase an Orgo-Life?

Why do you give a 25 years warranty?

What model is good for me? 

General questions (F.A.Q.)

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General Questions (F.A.Q.) in this section about all technologies available to the general public: UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS

All the answers on our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants (F.A.Q.)

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You are in our Questions and Answers section on all our Orgo-Life® medallions and pendants:  UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS

EMF Questions 5G and 5G Plus Orgo-Life modules

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EMF Questions


Find what you're looking for in our Orgo-Life Technology Q&A on:

  • On research and development
  • On Quantum Operation and Amplifiers
  • On the differences between certain models
  • On copper logos & mandalas

All questions and answers about our medallions and the different series:

  • Can I wear it at night?
  • Is the time to adapt to the pendant the same for everyone?
  • Which pendant is best for me?
  • What is Quantum Push technology?

5G MODULES And 5G PLUS modules for toxic waves and electromagnetic fields

  • How to protect yourself from toxic waves
  • How waves affect our health
  • How to Transmute Energies
  • Where to place the modules in your home
  • How much does a 5G or 5G Plus module cover?

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