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Our Events Categories for all course, tradeshows, seminars, workshops and more...

Tradeshows 2 Événements

All of our expositions and promotional tradeshows on the road in differents regiosn of Canada and troughtout the world:


-Private demonstrations

-Public appereances 



-Market places 

All of our private courses for all authorized dealers, resellers and collaborators with the Orgo-Life Technology Company:

  • Upcoming New Product Updates
  • Questions and answers on certain information that can cause problems
  • General sales meeting
  • Networking and targeted market
  • Protocols to follow
  • Amendments to procedures



Courses and training on certain Therapeutic PRO series equipement: 

  • How to use meter
  • How to present a product
  • Main points on certain testing with meters
  • Course on Quantum Physics  (Basic) 
  • Using the PRO Therapeutic Series
  • Course of the regular physics
  • Molecules process of Vibrationnal products
  • and much more...


Conferences 2 Événements

Conferences given in tradeshows, private venues and more:

-Testimonials on the benefits of all Orgo-Life Technology Products

-Testimonials on the Orgo-Life Technology company

-Testimonials of satisfied customers

-Results on differents ailments with certain type of people



Workshops & Seminars 2 Événements

Workshops are small venues where the potential customers get a brief introduction and tryout with Orgo-Life® Technology  Products:

-Small private in home demonstrations 

-Small zoom Froums where people get to ask many questions

-Brief presentation of different products 

-Customers can also buy products at these venues


  • We need a minimum of 10 people at the venue 
  • And to reserve at least 2 months ahead of time
  • We will be needing in what region you are
  • Also if the venue is far away THIS CAN BE DONE VIA ZOOM 

In you are interested please contact us here


Open Sundays at Orgo-Life®

Open house Sundays at Orgo-Life® are really at the invitation of the manufacturer or your regional dealers.

From one Sunday to the next, customers flock to Orgo-Life® from all over Quebec. They come to discover the novelties, attend conferences, or quite simply come to feel the high and vibratory energies of the place.



And yes it's still in Magog, QC., and if you're lucky you can talk to the inventors and ask them questions.

Also those who want it (if available) you can try our Orgo-Life® Energy MedBeds.


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Contact Us

Phone: +1 (514) 800-8693
231 Sherbrooke Street, #262, Magog
QC., Canada,   J1X 3W8