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How do Orgo-Life work?

How do Orgo-Life work?

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Our videos and educational capsules on Orgo-Life®


VIDEO NO  1: How 5G can be transmuted with Orgo-Life, a Quebec technology from here! Unique in the world



Orgo-Life is the only technology to scientifically provide measuring instruments that measure the harmful signal of electromagnetic fields caused by 3G, 4G, 5G and the upcoming 6G and 7G.

Eh yes ! You, energy therapists, psychics, hypnotist massagers and others, come and see the best energy tools in the world available to people in the United States, by a Canadian company that has been researching for years with the Renewable Free Energy Foundation of Canada

Come and see all the models available; for massages, to easily raise your vibrational frequency, to energize you, to sleep better, to help develop your DNA, to have clear ideas for your well-being, to transform all your dishes into food and much more

Orgo-Life products with technology; Orgo-Life 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer Technology®.

The principle is simple either in passive mode or in active mode connects to an amplifier which has a unique and specific vibrational frequency, which amplifies the central crystal and emanates from all the stones and crystals which give a powerful source of energy. FRI, which radiates throughout your home.

Orgo-Life Are unique in the world. Thanks to the years of research there at the Wilhem Reich to stop us, with the Renewable Free Energy Foundation, we have resumed research and have improved in an extraordinary way.

Where I can buy HERE: https://orgo-life.com/index.php/fr/nos-distributeurs


VIDEO NO 2 : How the Orgo-Life ® 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer Technology adventure began around 2003… A technological innovation over more than 20 years.


Arunda curious about the innovation he discovered on the orgonites and orgone of Wilhem Reich begins to travel to the 4 corners of the world in order to discover how this technology arrived on earth.

He experimented over more than 20 years with The Renewable Free Energy Foundation of Canada and scientists from several countries in order to advance the research started in the 1950s of Mr. Reich…..

Quite an adventure today because in 2021, success came when the 5 G & EMF Quantum Equalizer Technology was born in Alberta at the Foundation….

From there a Common Patent License was made and today Orgo-Life ® makes the most powerful energy tables in the world to reach the Nirvana of the highest vibrations of spiritual awakening to the maximum…..Try them c is like adopting them!

VIDEO NO 3 : What is the difference between the geometric shapes of Orgo-Life®, which model can be right for me??



VIDEO NO 4 : The Warrior and Super Warrior Necklace



VIDEO NO 5:  Our Customer service, how to buy an Orgo-Life?


How do I proceed with all Orgo-Life 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer Technology® authorized dealers in Quebec,  Ontario and all international shipment?

  How do you respect your region for one of our authorized dealers?

Our delivery times are 7-14 days depending on the orders, but in general you will receive quickly….

If you start with an official representative, your final will be with him or her, even if you change with others to ask questions!

Otherwise the Company will change your account with the outgoing representative.

If you already know a Sales representative, for example:  of the family, a friend (e), colleague or others …. You can choose outside your region the depositary who already knows you.

Voici nos dépositaires Officiel pour ceux qui veulent en commander :

Here are our Official dealers for those who want to order some:


VIDEO NO 6: Should I install my Orgo-Life in active or passive mode?



 VIDEO NO 7 : How to improve the quality of your summer garden with Orgo-Life Technology?









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