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All precious and semi-precious stones and all crystals have metaphysical properties…

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A little history on the Pearl….


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The Chinese have been adorning their mythological dragons for a very long time with their pearls as an example, which then invite in themselves wisdom, bravery and above all spiritual energy with enlightenment in their lives. Our natives in Canada said that long ago the wisest oysters would face the moon as they added their final layers of mother-of-pearl to their creations. This is why today the pearl is known to be the representation of a powerful feminine energy, which is creator of life and worlds.

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The Persians believed that pearls were born when the heavens projected rainbows into the ground of our Earth. The ancient Greeks and Christians taught their children that pearls are symbols of purity and integrity. In some Hindu lineages, beads are believed to strengthen relationships, protect lovers, and reduce the effects of karma. Japanese mythology tells us that pearls are the tears of healing spirits and mythical beasts. Many report that the beads help them to accept themselves and divinely plan.


Enter and discover the magic stones & Crystals used in Orgo-Life® products, how we do the purifying ritual on each of our products.

Each year at Orgo-Life® more than 4,000 kg of semi-precious stones are used, not including the 2,500 kg of Himalayan Quartz Crystals…

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In production for the Orgo-Life® more than 4,000kg of semi-precious stones and 2500kg of Crystals are....

The power of Himalayan crystals

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One of the great secrets of Orgo-life® products lies in the kind of crystals used to manufacture its devices.

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