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The technology of the future now at our doorstep, today!

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 Orgo-Life® Agriculture and Gardening Series  

Orgo-Life® 360 degree gardening with Dome Technology with Quantum Push, which makes your whole garden grow faster.

  • Larger vegetables and fruits
  • More energetic
  • And above all much tastier

« High vibrational food, with lots of energy, better taste, bigger growth with Orgo-Life® gardening! »

  • Faster growing in general,  around 25-40%  faster
  • Bigger vegetables & fruits
  • Better Energy in your growth & the Taste will be a lot better-Less lost in your crop in general
  • Make more money every year because of healthier growing in general
  • For agriculture companies or just the home gardening


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UL-5020 Orgo-Life Dome Technology with Quantum Push, (Gardening and Agriculture)

Beneficial effect in agriculture-horticulture

How to arrange and place the Dome Technology Gardening Kit a ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® Geo-Quantum Energy Life Tablet in the center of your plants or trees directly in the ground or in your greenhouse.

Put the large dome in your garden square or rectangle shape, and install in a way that will cover your square with the smaller modules inside your square or rectangle.


UL-5010 (Plants and sprouts and small pets)

UL-5010 Small to medium plant Orgo-life® Unit,

(ORGO-LIFE QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY®), for better growing, nice plants and energy boost, protects for EMF and much more….

and for small  pets, aquarium, lizards, snakes, rat, etc...


3 Mini Plant Charger (sprouts/plants/Animals) indoor/outdoor


  • For your shoots (Germination)
  • For all the plants in the house
  • In your bag
  • Where your pet sleeps
  • In an aquarium
  • In the cage of your snake, bird, lizard or other


UL-5030 Orgo-Life Dome Technology® with Quantum Push, (Gardening and Agriculture), covers up to more than 625 sq. feet, unique

UL-5030 Orgo-Life Dome Technology® with Quantum Push, (Gardening and Agriculture), covers up to more than 625 sq. feet, unique

  • (Gardening and Agriculture), Dome kit 1 large dome with 8 crystals, 8 small domes with 4 crystals
  • Large Telluric Feeder (healthy and fast growth) raw indoor/outdoor


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