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General questions (F.A.Q.)

General questions (F.A.Q.)

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General Questions (F.A.Q.) in this section about all technologies available to the general public: UPDATED ON A WEEKLY BASIS


General questions about Orgo-Life®


 maison champs electro magnetique orgo life orgonite 175C champs electro lampe



Should the test be done without the Orgo-Life® to see the 5G, the Wi-Fi and the measuring device before installing the modules?


Hello, indeed, we did it at the beginning it was everywhere (the toxic waves), and now since the transmuting energy of the Orgo-Life® is progressive it would have to be done in another house before the installation of an Orgo-Life® and then 2 - 3 weeks later because once the energy transmutes the whole house vibrates like an Orgo-life because it is at the molecular level that the energy transmutes.

And if we wanted to do it here (At home) without the Orgo-Life® we would have to wait at least 4 weeks when the energy will no longer transmit once removed it is really a natural and artificial/natural progressive energy which works on all the house and the surroundings here in Magog the energy is made at 400m as strong all around the house for what relates to toxic waves.

 2000x2000px Orgo Life UL 3405 Module 5G Plus8



How many 5G PLUS modules do I need to install  for EMF waves in a 5 ½ apartment or house?


Yes here in Magog it's screwed because we have 25 modules and more so we are talking about a lot of modules in a 15 1/2 of approximately 5000 square feet...... I believe from the experiences of the last 20 years that the energy could stay around 45 days minimum once everything is removed… For a 5 1/2 you are in a BIG CITY or in a small town like 45,000 inhabitants and less.....

Otherwise a safer option would be 5 X 5G PLUS modules or 1 per room and for all the energy to transmute in the apartments it takes about 2-3 weeks and YES IT WORKS on us, to have the maximum effect on you , add either a pyramid or 2 5 G modules plus one per bedside table where you sleep or otherwise sleep under the pillow with a minimum or a SUPER CHEF has 6 crystals under the pillow....EXAMPLE the UL-3600 model Super Chef 6 inches.

For example, because of the PLAN-DEMIE, I also don't sleep well etc.... since with my UL-3510 super Quantum table under my pillow every night I've been sleeping well and better since the first night, no more depression and moreover I have about 35-40% more energy every day and my outlook on life is clearer every day, the more I am calmer and no more everyday life problems affect me ....... I'm so happy to have succeeded in this project EVERYONE WHO BUYS a super chef or bigger and I sleep a first night SEE THE DIFFERENCE IMMEDIATELY it's like a solution facing the whole world which is crumbling under our eyes.

 visuel humain champs electro magnetique orgone orgo life 175



Do 5G modules cut or transmute toxic waves into positive waves in your home?


The Orgo-Life® modules and tablets are designed to neutralize and transmute (over a period of 2-3 weeks in total) electromagnetic fields such as 5G, microwaves, cellular, among others. So day by day at the molecular level the energy fields (between the molecules which gives the impression of solid matter there are energy fields which vibrate according to the matter, example of Cement, wood, plastic, no matter is really solid on this earth it is the energy fields with different values ​​that give this impression)

Whether ACTIVE or PASSIVE works gradually and eventually the whole environment will vibrate at a new vibrational frequency…. And this can be measured every 2-3 days with quality or cheap devices, we get the same result.

No, this does not cut 5G or Wi-fi in any way because otherwise the appliances in the house no longer work, but on the other hand it changes the electromagnetic waves into a perfect sinusoidal curve, i.e. beautiful waves, much less harmful to such an extent than the appliances measurement of the waves hardly detects it any more.

YOU MUST TRY IT FOR FOOD, it's so magical:

What I have experienced with food is rather fascinating; by putting a food such as an apple, it is as if all the frequencies and emotions of the people who have handled it since its harvest are erased.

This is just one example among many more fascinating ones.

Implant Killer  no4



What is orgonite and an Orgo-Life ®?


Orgonite is a material that can be used to protect against the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation and generally enliven and revitalize your surroundings.

An Orgo-Life may have the basics of orgonite as invented by Reich, but further research over the years has taken the technology to truly another level. Thanks to amplification, added frequencies, materials used in different ways, the addition of Himalayan Quartz crystals, made it possible to arrive at a truly different product that we cannot really call it an orgonite but rather an Orgo -Life ®.

We are using more advanced technology that is more efficient and truly scalable.

Our technology is in reality called Orgo-Life 5G & EMF

 ion negatif orgo life






What is orgone, what does it mean?


The word orgone is universal life energy, also known as prana, chi, ether, zero point energy, élan vital, animal magnetism and so many other names that have been used to describe this phenomenon.

In the world of science have spoken of positive ions (those which are not good) and negative ions (those which are the auspicious ions therefore those which are good for the human being).

Thanks to different scientific measuring instruments, we have been able to measure different measures of energy; the ions, the vibration exchange, the frequencies emit, the magnetism around the modules and much more… this allows us to prove the Orgo-Life modules the way of science. In addition, with simple dark chocolate (80%) or a simple glass of water, and you can taste the difference in just a few minutes, just by depositing on an energy charging plate? It's really unbelievable.





Orgonite® vs Orgone vs Orgo-Life®: What's the Difference?


Squll orgonite decorative orgo life.com

      Many objects on the web market are called Orgonite, it is to ask many questions ....



Orgonite® is a term that is commonly confused with orgone, and most of the time people just pour into resin decorative material a few semi-precious stones et VOILA,  they called it orgonite.

Orgonite was well develop further by an Australian from the city of Tirol, his name was Karl Hans Welz.

Karl Han Welz orgonite orgo life.com

He brought to the world the fact of adding metal, resin and other particule to creat an orgone accumulator.  Karl Welz holds the tademark on orgonite since year 2000 approx.

Wihem reich with his studies Orgo Life.com

Here we can see Wilhem Reich in his experiences.....

Orgone is the life energy (Chi-Prana) that comes out of an Orgonite module, the negative transmuting ions, since crystal quartz vibrate at more than 700,000 vibrations a seconds. Wilhem Reich called orgone the energy coming out of his inventions, a form of life energy in the late 50 s.

Orgo-Life® was started in 2007,  he was first based his studies on Wilhem Reich, then added knowledge from Rife frequencies, then looked up some of Teslas research,  looked up some of Karl Welz discoveries  etc…,   By recreating those inventions, then pushing those test further, with added amplifier, chips, magnetic fields, special frequencies,   eventually Orgo-Life® came to life, with a new variant on the studies.  A new module was born the Orgo-Life 5 G & EMF Quantum Equalizer Technology®,  with special amplifier in the crystals itself.

So an Orgo-Life® is in somehow a newer form of inventions a more develop technology   but certainly not an Orgone or Orgonite®.   But yes some things were keep in the process to create something more freshly working wise more accurate with energy and a new connection beyond your imagination.

To clear all the confusion, let's define these three important terms that is used over the web.

Orgone is a natural form of energy that is said to be the source of all healing, like it is also called LIFE ENERGY, field of energies around your body and within.

It's similar to other universal life force energies such as prana, reiki, or chi, but more powerful.

Orgonite karl han Welz developp orgonite orgo Life.com

Orgonite® is a combination of metal and resin used to generate orgone energy.

In short, orgonite is a tool for attracting orgone energy.

 2000px 9 Orgo Life UL 3510 Tablette Carree 5 Crystals

 Here you can see in 2022, Orgo-Life technology® with many amplifiers on certain frequencies

Orgo-Life® is more a newer technology more advanced that has evolved from all previous studies in the matter of Orgonite® or Orgone energy. It is the new energies that people are trying and getting amazing results from. The main different is with its new amplifiers for the frequencies, for the connection, and the strong good magnetic field it provides for a general better wellness.




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