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Where does the word Orgone come from?

Where does the word Orgone come from?

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How was this invention discovered?

Orgone is the name given by Wilheim Reich to name this vital energy that can be found everywhere in the universe. Orgone is also called Qi, Chi, Ether, the fifth element. This vital energy exists in a completely natural way and manifests itself in several forms. It can be neutral, positive or negative energy. One of the observable manifestations of positive orgone that can be seen is found in the sky, in the form of small clouds called Cumulus.

Wihem reich with his studies Orgo Life.com

We can see in this photo different experiment carried out with Doctor Reich.

        Clouds are not just a concentration of water vapor, they are actually a massive concentration of positive orgone. We demonstrate here that water vapor is one of the multiple manifestations of orgone energy. Positive orgone also manifests in humans.

When the Being feels happy, at peace, in ecstasy, it releases measurable positive orgone. Similarly, when he feels resentful, impatient, angry and aggressive, the human releases negative orgone and thus it affects his body and his environment. On the other hand, other larger manifestations of the negative orgone are found in our environment.

HAARP1 proejct in Alaska Orgo Life.com

HAARP Project Alaska Facilities.


Let us name among others the negative orgone generated by powerful electromagnetic fields such as: computers, cell phones, microwaves, cordless phones, HAARP project, television, electrical outlets… etc. In addition, all these technologies also emit frequencies that put the human body, animals and plants under enormous stress, thus causing many diseases such as chronic fatigue, attention deficit, as well as new diseases in animals. and plants.


The ideal frequency for humans, animals and plants is 15 Hz. However, all these technologies that generate negative orgone also generate frequencies that are too low or too high, thus affecting living beings and plants causing them to undergo a substitute stress. By affecting these beings and plants in this way, we will see the performance of agriculture diminish, the skills and health of humans and animals deteriorate and unfortunately we will observe a series of changes resulting in behaviors of physical, mental and environmental deterioration.

orgone energy with his orgone curing box Orgo Life.com

Experiments with a patient in the so-called orgone box in the laboratories of Doctor Reich.

It was a man named Wilheim Reich who carried out several scientific researches on the properties and behavior of the vital energy of orgone in the 1950s. After having made these numerous discoveries, a court prohibited him from renting accumulators. orgone in the United States. Overriding these injunctions, he was arrested twice. Judged for the first time, he refused to appear before a court a second time, because he considers that it is not within the competence of a civil court to judge a scientific discovery.

He was sentenced for contempt of court to two years imprisonment in 1956. During this time, the authorities destroyed most of his works and unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in prison on November 3, 1957. Then, some scientists continued their research on orgone, including Karl Welz who discovered the first orgonite in 1980. He wanted to build orgone generators for the manufacture of radionic machines. And it was in 2011 that scientists (from Universal Life Force Energy) took orgone research to a whole new level, integrating quantum science, the ancestral knowledge of the pyramids of Egypt, the intelligence of resonance as well as the knowledge of the power of transmutation of the Earth.

From these discoveries, the creation of a whole new modern science and technology emerged. Called ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY®, this powerful tool will allow all living organisms to benefit from it.

It is useless that the rise in discovery is not always rosy, many have contributed small ideas, many have gossip and eccentric stories about our research, and jealousy is present when we have invented, developed and above all produced technologies in the field of Quantum. We make more enemies as an inventor than friends, the human being is necessarily jealous of his neighbor.

The important thing in all of this is always the result, the result that the technology works that things have been done according to the rules of the Art; either a job you no longer count your hours, a job that never ends, gray areas where you have to make decisions, financial investments that never end... all this to become your own hero of your achievement.

Some ideas may have been used in the past, testing ideas to try, but today the reality is not, because evolution is about always going further, stronger and better. These are necessary passages that many invent of this world have made. When you look at Reich, Tesla and several others, they all ended up being smeared and accused of things that weren't necessarily true. It's the nature of humans...



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