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Round table series with Investigating Policeman Rock Larochelle

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Weekly or bi-monthly video series with Investigating Policeman Rock Larochelle and Arunda volunteer designer at Orgo-Life.

  • How Energy Works
  • Investigations of different modules and inventions
  • The positive effects on the environment

Testimonial Nathalie Picard, Energy therapist; How to change your life during the holidays with Orgo-Life Products!.

Article Word Count: 398

Nathalie has been practicing for years; Massage Therapy, Global Health Consultations, and experience energy vortexes.

Round Table 15, MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. Part no 2 With several Therapists.

Article Word Count: 586

Great discussion on the different cases, updates soon available on the MedBed Orgo-Life beds in Quebec, with the therapists;

Round Table 14, MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. With several therapists.

Article Word Count: 615

Great discussion with the first 4 Orgo-Life Energy Centers in Quebec, with the therapists;Céline Chrétien, Ghislaine Clément, Aruna Chy, Arunda and Bruno Guertin and very soon at Mandala Sacre in Trois-Rivières.


Round Table 13, MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. what it brings to well-being.

Article Word Count: 278

Round Table No. 13, on MedBed Orgo-Life® care in Quebec. The difference it makes in the world of well-being.

Round Table No. 12, on Orgo-Life® MedBed care in Quebec. Great discussion with witnesses who have tried the Orgo-Life® Vibration Transmutation Energetic MedBeds.

Article Word Count: 229

Show no 12 Round Table on the Medbeds

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