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All of our regular news with the Quantique Development


-Latest news

-New coming up products

-Research on the products


 CAT FAMILLE v WAT page temoignages

How to position your ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF Pyramid QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® according to the golden ratio

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An article on the benefits of properly positioning your pyramid in your home.


Article Word Count: 1736

The perfect ornament for your work desk, dining or living room table.

The Corporate Series to increase the efficiency of your entire company and make more profits

Article Word Count: 1215

ORGO-LIFE 5G & EMF QUANTUM EQUALIZER TECHNOLOGY® Energy Life Portable (Corporate Series) Charging Plates for more than 1001 daily, work and travel uses.

Testimony of Marie-Pierre Boyer: Authorized Orgo-Life® Dealer in the Gatineau /Ottawa, QC., ON. area:

Article Word Count: 208

Hello everyone!

Céline Chrétien authorized dealer in Gatineau, QC., ready for the awakening of the new world

Article Word Count: 402

Avant-garde and visionary, Céline knew for years that an event was going to affect the world globally.


Demystifying the energy of the Orgo-Life® pyramids

  • How to use
  • Understand their sacred geometry
  • A technological watch of several thousand years
  • How to use in active or passive mode?


2000px 1 Orgo Life UL 3479 81 degres Pyramid 9 crystals 1

How to increase the efficiency of your business without having to hire surplus employees?

  • Your employees will have a better focus
  • Your employees will have 25-40% more energy and efficiency at work
  • Your employees will have better management of their emotions and the present moment
  • You will feel that your staff will increase by 20-30%
  • Your employees will be in a better mood every day
  • Your employees will have much more motivation

Blog of our resellers;

  • Their philosophies on Orgo-Life®
  • Their backgrounds and experiences with Orgo-Life® products
  • Their motivations for wanting to share the Orgo-Life® technology
  • Their specialties in the field of energy

In this section you will see;

  • Scientific testing and several readings before and after the installation
  • The way Orgo-Life Units work
  • The way Orgo-Life technology thru higher vibrational state can improve your well-being
  • Several experience to do at home with your Orgo-Life
  • How does really orgo-Life work
  • How can I mesure the negative ions of Orgo-Life
  • What is bio-photons

Rituals and proper energy cleaning of your Orgo-Life® Units:

  • Learn how to properly manipulate your Orgo-Life® pendant
  • It is after all a sacred ceremonial objet
  • Lear to touch it

The Age of Fire (2023….)




This topo was added because of the current global situation, COVID-19, Virage Digital, we are pushed to be on the WEB, without E-commerce in 2021, the small entrepreneur is doomed to failure. This segment is wanted because in Oriental Feng Shui more than 5000 years old it was predicted according to the science of Asians. These are the 5 Elements that transition to 2024 in this era….


With Aruna Chy you will learn how to better adapt to this natural situation as well as push through the New World Order….

Symbolic of fire, sun, daylight and brightness.

The Age of Fire is related to everything that is digitization, media, make-up, aesthetics, cosmetics, beauty, rejuvenation etc.


Also associates as needed name, fame or status, e.g. writers, politicians, celebrities, etc. Hot business opportunities. Exciting and “hot” business opportunities in the present moment.


One can activate one's Fire element by feeding on emotion-based art, music, and movies.

To join or make an appointment with Aruna Chy, Master Vastu


PLEASE CONTACT: +1 (514) 800-8693

Or by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/ArunaChyVastu


Or our Feng Shui website: https://arunachy.com



Or visit our Academy website




Our Academy Store: https://original-health.square.site/

A little history on the Pearl….


 920x920px 1 Perles anciens civilisation Cristaux Himalayen quartz haut en vibration Orgo Life.com

The Chinese have been adorning their mythological dragons for a very long time with their pearls as an example, which then invite in themselves wisdom, bravery and above all spiritual energy with enlightenment in their lives. Our natives in Canada said that long ago the wisest oysters would face the moon as they added their final layers of mother-of-pearl to their creations. This is why today the pearl is known to be the representation of a powerful feminine energy, which is creator of life and worlds.

 920x920px 2 Perles anciens civilisation Cristaux Himalayen quartz haut en vibration Orgo Life.com

The Persians believed that pearls were born when the heavens projected rainbows into the ground of our Earth. The ancient Greeks and Christians taught their children that pearls are symbols of purity and integrity. In some Hindu lineages, beads are believed to strengthen relationships, protect lovers, and reduce the effects of karma. Japanese mythology tells us that pearls are the tears of healing spirits and mythical beasts. Many report that the beads help them to accept themselves and divinely plan.


Enter and discover the magic stones & Crystals used in Orgo-Life® products, how we do the purifying ritual on each of our products.

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