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Product Code: UL-3510
Availability: 25
Weight: 2.70kg
Dimensions: 22.20cm x 22.20cm x 3.50cm

Price: $549.00

UL-3510 (5 Great Himalayan Crystals)

Super Deluxe Geo-Quantum Tablet (9 x 9 square inches) ACTIVE/PASSIVE (Orgo-Life® Exclusive Technology) square shaped / sacred geometry.
• Over ½ pound of Himalayan crystals (255-320 grams weight), or 5 large Himalayan Crystals, high vibration) with TECHNOLOGY Orgo-Life® power transformer and over 17 semi-precious stones.
• And our exclusive “ACTIVE” Orgo-Life® Amplification TECHNOLOGY.

Energy table of the most powerful in the world:
• Energy radiation in a vortex up to 380 meters the first week when it first installs
• Emanation of vibration rates up to 3.0 km of radiation after more than a month in the same place.

Ideal for manifesting, power, harmonization, raising your consciousness, and ultimate power:
• Active allows to multiply x 1000 times the power
• Bright LED indicator that stays on  to indicate when in Active mode
• Also works great when not plugged in, in passive mode
• 25 year warranty with Orgo-Life®
• More than 17 different stones inside for extraordinary benefits
• Vibration wave amplifier X 1000 when in mode
• Metal of Titanium, Copper, Iron, Brass and Aluminum

Perfect for transforming the taste and energy of all your dishes while eating, in less than 7 minutes:
• Higher vibration of your food
• Changes the taste, for a better taste
• More Chi Prana energy

Energetic Therapeutic Use:
• To relax a client on a table during his massage
• Can be used when seated behind his back
• Place your client's feet on the table (remove your shoes) during a treatment
• Allows you to have your emotions in balance and in balance
• Have ideas and a clearer vision
• Faster recovery from discomfort or conflict
• Will improve your overall mood quickly

Unique active and exclusive technology of ORGO-LIFE®, amplifier and emanations of vibrations, waves and Chy Prana (Universal energy):

To sleep better at night:
• Increase your vibratory rate (meditation, yoga, relaxation)
• Sleep peacefully and deeply
• Fall asleep faster
• Try passive forward or active and see which one you
• Recover your energy faster
• More energy to accomplish your days
• Sleep with your tablet under your pillow
• Place it also under the bed of your room vis-à-vis the emotional center of your body (your navel)

920px Application Table de vie Geo QUANTUMCOPY


WEIGHT: 2.6-2.9 kg approx (5.9 – 6.2 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 22.2 cm x 22.2 cm X 3.5 cm High approx. (8 5/8" x 8 5/8" X 1 ½" inches tall) approx.
MODEL: UL-3510
TECHNOLOGY: Active with amplification transformer (x 1000 times more powerful in active mode and also without connection in passive mode.
TRANSFORMER: Our amplifier generator operates on 110 volts or 220 volts (Europe and others)
PACKAGING: 13.0’’X 13.0’’ (Base) X 3.0’’ H approx. / 31.5 cm X 31.5 cm (Base) X 4.5 cm Height approx., 3.2 kg or 7 lbs approx..
QTY. In the package: 1 Super Geo-Quantum square table (5 very large x Himalayan crystals), 1 x transformer/amplifier, 1 instruction booklet, certificates of guarantee and conformity. With serial number.
COLOUR: CLEAR transparent polyester resin
BAR CODE #: 600291593696
WARRANTY: 25 years
Delivered with instruction in FR/EN and certificate of guarantee


Unity will transmute bad energies:

You can get amazing, dramatic results in terms of rapid growth, natural appearance and taste when you use the Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® technology unit and improve plant growth and sprouts (home plants).

Speaking of such an example, many types of sprouts (homemade sprouts) that you grow in water, which is super charged with vital energy, they take less than two days to be edible instead of the usual three days. Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® technology helps maximize germination.

In fact, methods for improving plant growth with the addition of Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® technology are very old. Plant growth occurs best with the natural energy sources that surround them rather than those compared to normal growth without any form of these energies.

Improving plant growth with Orgo-Life Quantum Equalizer® technology and radionics is easy. You can see the results very soon. These visible results have been tested over and over again using scientific methods.

One of the simplest methods, of course, is the water treatment you use on the plants. It is obvious that plants prefer living water, i.e. water that is overloaded with vital energy, i.e. water generated by the exclusive technology of Orgo-Life 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer®. You can achieve even better effects with water that is also programmed for certain desired results such as resistance against specific diseases or pests.

Naturally, a week or two of using Life Energy-saturated water on your houseplants can give you the proof you want or think.

Another method instead of charging the water with vital energy, you can also think of also charging the fertilizers, even artificial fertilizers, in which case the foods you grow can almost acquire that unmistakable fine organic generating power. Such plants, although not completely corresponding to those grown organically, certainly come close to such strength!

Note that; that your Orgo-Life® device is handmade, they all have small mini defects, very small holes, etc... when looked at very closely 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) , but at a good distance of 1.5 feet and more, they look perfect. Due to the manual work and the polyester resin product with the Orgo-Life, it is normal to look like this. Orgo-Life is a unique technology that can only be made by hand. It is above all an artisanal product.

Our devices do not claim to cure any disease or illness. Disclaimer: In the event of a serious medical condition, please seek the help and advice of a qualified medical professional. The potential health benefits have not been evaluated by national medical licensing bodies.

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